DATE:  28th July 2011
VENUE:   The Manor Hotel
For the third time in Rwanda, the 7th Annual Rwanda Film Festival will conclude in a more relaxed gathering with a late night awards ceremony and celebration honoring its very best. If you want to join the discussion of films, we advise you to contact essay experts for analyzes or other works.

Grand Prize Winner Silverback award $10,000 for Best African Dramatic Feature
East Africa award $5,000 – for Best Rwandan Feature
$3000 Award for Best East African Film.

At the Rwanda Film Festival we aim to encourage filmmakers in general and in particular the local who are the emerging filmmakers to produce high quality films for the community. This will play a significant role in our mandate of promoting the Rwanda Film industry taking in consideration that there is a lot of stories to be shot and to be told in our country.

The Award will be the people’s choice and will be an occasion to celebrate and champion Rwandan films and creative talents. With this, we will be able to facilitate a unique dialogue between filmmakers especially the local and their audience, support and promote Rwandan cinema and invigorate the filmmaking culture.

The award recipients are determined by the overall average score of the audience and jury panel voting.
The jury panel is comprised of industry professionals who have made achievements in the film industry.  It will be comprised of 7 members from Rwanda and abroad.


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