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Lokua Kanza Does it Again!

Lokua Kanza Does it Again! DESPITE a heavy downpour, KigaliUp! Music Festival lived up to expectations by serving up the finest undiluted performances from home and abroad. By the same token, the fairly well-attended show at the roundabout of Primature in Kimihurura, a suburb of Kigali, delivered on its promise as the first major celebration of music in the country. Th

No turning back for the Rwandan actress!

No turning back for the Rwandan actress! [caption id="attachment_354" align="alignleft" width="275" caption=" Cleo holds her awards at the 2022 Rwanda Film Festival"][/caption] Cleophas (Cleo) Kabasiita’s face is familiar to all fans of Rwandan Cinema. You may remember her for her lead role in the 2001 movie 100 Days or the 2004 Sometime in April, in which she played Valentine. Sh

Award winning Rwandan filmmaker Gahizi Ganza speaks

Rwandan filmmaker Dieu Donne Gahizi Ganza won the BIOMOVIE award which is organised annually in London by United Kingdom's TV1 and based on environmental themes. The third born in a family of five, Ganza, 26, spared time from his busy schedule to talk to our entertainment writer Diana Mutimura. Below are the excerpts. Diana : Tell us much about yo

Sundance 2022 : Sex comedy, Formula 1 doc and Rwandan drama win top world honors

The world dramatic jury gave its top prize to Anne Sewitsky's "Happy, Happy," a combination sex comedy/drama in Danish and Norwegian. (Sewitsky took the stage and said she was indeed "happy happy"). The audience, meanwhile, anointed Asif Kapadia's Formula 1 documentary "Senna" its favorite among the world documentaries and Alrick Brown's "Kinyarwa

Congolese ‘Viva Riva’ Wins Africa’s best film award

Lagos (Nigeria) — DR Congo's Viva Riva was voted the best film in Africa at the African Movie Academy Awards which took place in at the Gloryland Centre, Yenogoa Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The film won six out of the seven categories in which it was nominated, namely: best production design, best cinematography, best actor in supporting role, best

Kinyarwanda wins big at 2022 Sundance Film Festival

Kinyarwanda wins big at 2022                  Sundance Film Festival Kinyarwanda film stars at the set. Kinyarwanda feature film has won the World Cinema Audience Award: Dramatic. The film is inspired by true stories of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, when the mosques turned into places of refuge, where Muslims and Christians, Hutu and Tutsi came together to protect each other. This was during the gra

‘Soul Boy’ Shines at Africa Movie Awards

‘Soul Boy’ Shines at Africa Movie Awards Kenya's Soul Boy directed by Hawa Essuman bagged the Best Edited film in the star-studded AfricaMovie Academy Awards (AMAA) held amid pomp and colour in Yenagoa City, Bayelsa State Nigeria. The award was a face-saver for Kenyan film who had landed nine nominations with eleven actors, filmmakers and journalists present in the imposing Gloryland C

Ama Ambrebese Wins Best Actress At AMAA 2022

Ama Ambrebese Wins Best Actress At AMAA 2022                 The 2022 AMAA Award was held  in Nigeria. The Congolese gangster movie, Viva Riva! directed by Djo Tunda wa Munga wins 6 Awards at the African Movie Academy Awards last night including Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Supporting Actor and Actress. The film has been nominated in 12 categories including

Africa United: set report

Africa United: set report Africa United follows the epic journey of a group of children who cross the continent to take part in the opening ceremony of the football World Cup By Sally Williams Roger Nsengiyumva as Fabrice, the 15-year-old football prodigy who is scouted to take part in the World Cup opening ceremony Photo: Nick Wall We are in the African republic