The Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) is a community-based organization that was established in 2003 with a principal objective of development from 1996 to present time. The Center’s goal is to develop an alternative sector in the development of Rwanda’s economy. Ask write my research outline for me to better review and explore the Center's goals and why its work is so important to Rwanda. This is being undertaken by creating an environment fully equipped in audiovisual resources that include Human resource skills in the industry, facilities and bolstering Film industry ideas, products and services that are eventually influencing policy makers and partners in development to participate and support this emerging industry in Rwanda. The emergence of this establishment from inception has developed various skills, films and even enabled the self employment culture to take root with those we have trained. It is in our mission and organization culture to train the human resources practically in various skills of audiovisual and filmmaking while ensuring they graduate with a product.

This approach is already being adapted in East Africa through our advice and participation, which is in Uganda and Kenya. Using the principal of learning by doing, currently the Centre offers its training through the local personnel who have undergone rigorous practical training and contribute very much in the trainings and production facilitations arising in the region. The pool of trained personnel is ever growing with some already attached to international production houses and offering their skills in specific areas of needs.

Executive Summary

In 2002, Eric Kabera founded the Rwanda Cinema Centre.  From the time of its inception, RCC focused on improving film as a new medium of expression and communication in Rwanda. The Rwanda film festival has initiated Films on Youth by Youth program, films for change and an out-reach project that takes locally made films to the rural youth.    Rwanda cinema Centre is gradually developing a skills training unit which has so far trained more than one hundred students, preparing them for the growing film industry in Rwanda.

These developments strive at building filmmaking as a new medium and a forum   for students seeking to gain experience in filmmaking.  Since these humble beginnings, the Rwanda Cinema Centre has grown in size and stature over the last 10 years to become one of the leading filmmaking centers in East and Central Africa and especially the Great lakes region.  Currently, the Centre is the creative point for the youth, technical and administrative staff that currently benefit from the collaboration workshops and filmmaking initiatives.

The Centre offers both certificates and Diplomas and in future affiliated degrees will be offered.  Our vision is to continue augmenting the overall strategic initiatives, as well completing the planned Rwanda Film Institute. The Centre is poised for further growth and transition as we move forward over the next five years with a number of exciting initiatives and opportunities.


The Centre is committed to providing exceptional programs for students interested in the dynamic fields of film, video, TV and new media.  As such, a great deal of the plan is focused on enhancing and improving skills in film production through the intensive training, acquisition of new equipment and technology, more specialized   program lines and scholarships.

Further, the Centre intends to pursue a number of interdisciplinary activities, including the launch of a new joint extension program with its partners.


Additionally it will take advantage of existing and new relationships with the professional collaboration to develop partnerships and alliances, and work on increasing opportunities for international/global activities through existing courses, collaborative research, and student exchange programs.


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