Outreach program to take films to the Communities in Rwanda’s remote locations.
These screenings are free for all who would like to attend.

Developing film culture, platform of discussion on informative films countrywide. Workshops will also be conducted to offer the opportunity to join the film industry to many who otherwise may not have the opportunity


Opening Night Kigali

Official opening of the film festival.

VIP party and presentation of the home made movies to the Kigali public.


Venue showings

Films from the African and local film industry will be screened at various times throughout the week, in and around Kigali at institutions and businesses. There is a small ticket price for each movie (except for the
Genocide Memorial), or passes can be purchased for the entire festival.

The Kigali and HIllywood screenings are the heart and soul of the RFF. The goal is to engage all citizens and visitors in the world of film through various genres including drama, comedy, action and documentary.


Children Panorama

Special programming for the children of Rwanda while also making the event as a point to communicate and listen to them

To entertain and educate through a creative medium.
After the screening, there will be a party with refreshments and fun activities for all ages!


Women Panorama

Special programming focusing on women’s issue, and women’s empowerment.

Create a forum which immerses women in a diverse cultural and social atmosphere.
Launching of the Rwanda Women in Film Networks.


Red Carpet

This event will recognize the youth who have made strides in the development of Film culture  through film  and participation

Celebrates the spirit of youth and their desires to express themselves through art.  Promote the aspirations of young filmmakers, while building new networks for future achievements.


Festival Cocktail

Event gathers the organization and its various Sponsors as a way of get together and also orienting the event.

Enables orientation on event through meeting and also experiencing the Rwanda film Festival activity on close touch of participants.


Award Ceremony

A much anticipated event by all, as well as a festival tradition to honor the filmmakers and films of the 2022 festival.

A notable emcee will host the ceremony.  Dinner, cocktails and the best local musicians perform. Dignitaries and international filmmakers attend.


RFF Extension Genocide Memorial

The RFF coincides with the mourning season and RFF strives to contribute by showing some of this moments related films, this is done locally and internationally.

Genocide film/testimonial archives will be screened and discussed. This is an important part of the social responsibility we play in documenting the genocide.


Closing Night

Dinner party to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements made by all who participated

Feature highlights from the festival; anticipate next steps and look forward to next year’s program



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