DATE:24th July 2011

VENUE: Women Ministries

The women’s panorama is a regular event during the Rwanda Film Festival which gather women to watch films on issues that concerns the society in general and particularly themselves – Films on women by women.

Women should support women. This is what our event is about. There are a lot of problems that need to be solved. We have dedicated this seminar to this. If you need a discussion for dissertation, you can order it and prepare well for the speech and discussion of the main problems of women in life.

The panorama also serves as great opportunity for some of the local and international organizations which focus on women’s issues to participate

This initiative is dedicated to advancing the professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, television, video, multimedia and related disciplines in Rwanda came up with as initial goals:

- Capacity building and skills development in filmmaking.

- Women empowerment in the film industry.

- Sharing experiences with known actors and film production companies

- To extend the knowledge of the values and impacts of this industry in our


- To expand the film culture among Rwandan women and the


- Make Films by Women on Women topics (FW2).

- Increase of skills and self-confidence in girls and women

- To create sustainable jobs

- To increase the entrepreneurship capacities

- To enlarge the network and extend worldwide

As studies have shown that women seldom hold key positions on a film crew. Dr. Martha Lauzen of San Diego State University revealed that in 2004 only 5% of directors, 3% of cinematographers, 16% of editors and 12% of writers on the top 250 films were women. (Source: “The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the Scenes Employment of Women in the Top 250 Films of 2004″ by Dr. Martha Lauzen August 05, 2005),  The Rwanda Cinema Centre are very motivated to create programs which inspire and create opportunities for female high school students to direct, produce, shoot and edit, their own films.


The objective of this event is to introduce the work of local and foreign directors to the audience; to reconsider the cinema through a feminist perspective; to create a sphere for the discussion on women’s experiences and problems reflected to the cinema; and introduce the Rwanda Women in Film Network.

Expected Results:

As a result we hope to see the Rwanda Women in the various disciplines mentioned above, in an association.

We will see more films and more stories from women and this will later on turn in to a main distributor of film by and about women.


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