The Hillywood program aims at having part of the festival films shown in smaller towns of Rwanda, with only very limited cinema facilities or without any cinemas at all, and therefore intended to enable access to the cinema in rural areas.

Hillywood is a component of the Rwanda Film Festival that is particularly designed to entertain, educate and give a voice to the Rwandan youth. Rwanda Cinema Centre organizes the yearly film festival and the main highlight of this event is Hillywood.

Hillywood Films:  Made in Rwanda – Concept through Creation

Rwanda Cinema Center continues to train youth in the art of filmmaking, as part of an effort to encourage self-expression and self-assurance. RCC now boasts a core team of 10 trained filmmakers who make films in a program dubbed ‘Films On Youth By Youth’ (FY2).

Through this project issues that directly affect the youth in Rwanda are addressed through film. The team at RCC for the fourth time and for the fifth year now will make short and medium films and music videos, which will be included in the HIllywood Festival. Issues addressed in these films include themes such as reconciliation, HIV AIDS, family and education in genres ranging from serious drama to comedy; music video to documentary… always appropriate for the wide audience, and always a surprise to compel all who attend.

The rural youth are our target audience because of their immense potential in the future reconstruction and development of this nation. They have no access to television and know of no other form of entertainment.

By the past experience of the last six years in the Hillywood locations, Nyagatare, Rwamagana, Gicumbi, Musanze, Rubavu, Karongi and Huye, the films are particularly relevant in that they are made in Kinyarwanda and easily understood by our target audience.

Our Hillywood component has turned to be an extravaganza event that is eagerly anticipated in the all Hillywood screening locations.  RCC has recently upgraded our portable cinematic technology, now using inflatable screens of up to 25 feet and video projectors of up to 4500 lumens.


Nyagatare july 16

Rwamagana: July 17

Gicumbi july 18

Musanze: July 19

Rubavu july 20

Karongi: July 21

Huye july 22


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