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Welcome to Rwanda Film Festival 2022

Rwanda Cinema Centre welcomes you to the 2022 Rwanda Film Festival The Rwanda film festival commonly known as "Hillywood" is back again, a great selection of movies from all over Africa, an amazing program of workshop and forum and Hillywood extravaganza- a country tour that takes true cinema experience to the communities. It's happening starting

Oscar: From Iran and now Rwanda

A group of Hollywood filmmakers traveled to Iran recently on a mission of cultural exchange as part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ International Outreach Committee. Writes Joseph Njata The journey was colorful, adventurous, surprising, and exotic as any of their famous 1940s “Road” movies, although admittedly their purpo

Rwandan filmmaker shines at Tribeca Film Festival

Kivu Ruhorahoza's "Grey Matter" won a warm response at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning both a special jury mention and a best actor prize for star Ramadhan "Shami" Bizimana. Ruhorahoza's first feature film ‘Why He's On Our Radar' was the first ever from a Rwandan filmmaker. Ruhorahoza explained that "Grey Matter" is a movie "about imagin

Local Stars Shine in MTN TV Commercial

THERE really are no adequate words to describe the way one feels after watching the MTN TV commercial, which is currently hitting the airwaves and billboards across the country. Writes Linda Mbambazi. It is a great TV commercial which features an incredible beauty and spirit of the country which is recovering from the 1994 Genocide against the T

Hillywood talking Movies

By Ndungutse Apollo Film isthe most effective and efficient way of passing on information to the masses,says Eric Kabera, the President of Rwanda Cinema Center (RCC) while he wasofficially opening a digital film workshop February 15, 2010 in Kigali. TheSwedish Development Agency (SIDA) in conjunction with RCC organized thegroundbreaking workshop.