By Ndungutse Apollo

I never knew how amazing and fascinating it is to be in a film industry until I got an opportunity to participate in Hillywood Film making workshops. I have just discovered a university for everyone no matter the corrifications.

For instance, guys who work in toilets, sweep the streets, dustbin cleaners are blessed to rub shoulders with prominent and successful film makers like Will Smith Edie Murphy, Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker of Hilly wood during Rwanda Film Festival.

I like the workshop environment was organized by Rwanda Cinema Center and Kwetu Film Institute in a way that makes one think that he or she is close to Hollywood.

Hillywood always reminds me of Shakespeare’s words that the world is a stage and all the people in it are actors. Thus, since by that time there were no movies, I think the world is a huge screen and all people are actors and all leaders are screen writers, directors, Camera guys, editors and producers.

There is no boundary for film makers .The sky is not even the limit because guys always cruise around the moon and remember it is above the sky, guys! So if they ask you whether you have been in film industry before don’t be shy to say “Yes”.

Look around you when you go to VIPs (Very Important places), you will find powerful digital cameras strategically positioned around you.

Aren’t our own eyes powerful than any modern digital cameras? This is a question everyone should answer, whether in film industry or not.

According to my observational Learning, Film making needs an imaginable patience and tolerance in order to make it to the Movie industry.


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