The world dramatic jury gave its top prize to Anne Sewitsky’s “Happy, Happy,” a combination sex comedy/drama in Danish and Norwegian. (Sewitsky took the stage and said she was indeed “happy happy”).

The audience, meanwhile, anointed Asif Kapadia’s Formula 1 documentary “Senna” its favorite among the world documentaries and Alrick Brown’s “Kinyarwanda,” a connection of interlinked stories about Rwanda, its top world dramatic film.

Just moments before, the world cinema jury handed its top directing prize to Irish actor Paddy Considine for his debut drama “Tyrannosaur,” which tells of an unlikely relationship between an older man and a younger woman. It also gave a special jury prize to Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman, the film’s two leads.

Erica Dunton’s teenage-girl dramatic thriller “to.get.her” won the best of the festival’s “Next” program.

“I thought you got a heads-up if you were going to win, so I was in the back waiting for the bar to open,” she said. /01/sundance-2022 -sex-comedy-formula-1-doc-and-rwandan-drama-win-top-world-honors.html


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