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Executive Summary

The Rwanda film institute is a stand-alone unit of the Rwanda Cinema Centre.

The Rwanda Cinema Centre has founded two important operations directed to improving film and new media in Rwanda. This is the Rwanda film festival and the Films on Youth by Youth Training Program.

The Rwanda Film Institute is another project of the Rwanda Cinema Centre still in its by shoes, staged to offer both certificates and Diplomas in the future and later on affiliated degrees.  

The Film institute is planned to provide a diverse yet integrated film learning environment to prepare students for careers as media consumers and practitioners.  

The mission seeks to lay foundations for professional and academic careers as media producers, managers, programmers, researchers and scholars.  While programs provide students with rigorous experiences in critical writing, thinking, and understanding as it applies to media industries and production.  Central to the institute is the commitment to nurture imagination, spark creativity, and cultivate strategic thinking and artistic expression for an ever-expanding and diverse population.  This mission seeks to promote excellence in film education while providing opportunities in Rwanda and Great lakes for students in artistic and commercial venues.





This year under the theme: ''Red Carpet to Hillywood'' – the Rwanda Film Festival is a cultural event dedicated to bringing a true cinema experience to the communities in the hills of the Rwanda's remotest locations, the best of the local filmmakers and to create a film week in an event never to be forgotten. 


In what has quickly become a tradition, the Rwanda Film Festival-Red carpet to Hillywood will come alive on March 16-19 in the hills ( Hillywood) and from the 21-28, 2009 (Kigali venues) with filmgoers, actors, producers and directors sharing the excitement as outstanding Rwandan filmmakers and  independent films from all over the world are screened in casual, cinematic settings.


We chose to champion the domestic-made movies and the gifted hillywood filmmakers in an effort to stregthen and promote pride in our country's growing film industry. Today governments around the world and their partners have recognized the role of local film Institutions such as Rwanda Cinema Centre as potential tools for economic development. They are keen to promote film business as an activity that can cause trickle down effects of through the tourism sector. 




The Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC)is a community-based organization that was established in 2003 with a principal objective of  development from 1996 to present time. The Center's goal is to develop an alternative sector in the development of Rwanda’s economy .This is being undertaken by creating an environment fully equipped in audiovisual resources that include Human resource skills in the industry, facilities and bolstering Film industry ideas, products and services that are eventually influencing policy makers and partners in development to participate and support this emerging industry in Rwanda. The emergence of this establishment from inception has developed various skills, films and even enabled the self employment culture to take root with those we have trained. It is in our mission and organization culture to train the human resources practically in various skills of audiovisual and filmmaking while ensuring they graduate with a product. 

This approach is already being adapted in East Africa through our advice and participation, which is in Uganda and Kenya. Using the principal of learning by doing, currently the Centre offers its training through the local personnel who have undergone rigorous practical training and contribute very much in the trainings and production facilitations arising in the region. The pool of trained personnel is ever growing with some already attached to international production houses and offering their skills in specific areas of needs.