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Executive Summary

The Rwanda film institute is a stand-alone unit of the Rwanda Cinema Centre.

The Rwanda Cinema Centre has founded two important operations directed to improving film and new media in Rwanda. This is the Rwanda film festival and the Films on Youth by Youth Training Program.

The Rwanda Film Institute is another project of the Rwanda Cinema Centre still in its by shoes, staged to offer both certificates and Diplomas in the future and later on affiliated degrees.  

The Film institute is planned to provide a diverse yet integrated film learning environment to prepare students for careers as media consumers and practitioners.  

The mission seeks to lay foundations for professional and academic careers as media producers, managers, programmers, researchers and scholars.  While programs provide students with rigorous experiences in critical writing, thinking, and understanding as it applies to media industries and production.  Central to the institute is the commitment to nurture imagination, spark creativity, and cultivate strategic thinking and artistic expression for an ever-expanding and diverse population.  This mission seeks to promote excellence in film education while providing opportunities in Rwanda and Great lakes for students in artistic and commercial venues.


Vision of the Rwanda Film Institute

The vision for the Film institute is one of great anticipation and development.  

Over the planned development years, the core mission of preparing students for careers as media practitioners and ancillary fields will not change, but it will need to adapt to a rapidly changing media industry environment.  This means embracing new technology, obtaining and enhancing our base of equipment, refining and enhancing our curriculum, and building partnerships and alliances with both internal and external institutional partners.  To that end, we will also be an institute in transition as we begin a new program with partners.

These efforts will not only provide new interdisciplinary opportunities for students and collaboration for institute, but also provide opportunities to share precious resources and develop new programs.

Regardless of actual planned structural configuration by 2010, our vision of becoming one of the top film institutes with programs in the country and Great lakes region will not change.  RFI plans to strive for excellence in all areas of teaching, research and creative activities, as well as enhancing and improving the operations of Rwanda Cinema Centre as partners.