The impact of Rwanda's Hillywood in Africa's communities

By Eric Kabera

Integrating the East African Community is exciting and timely. I enjoy discussing about movies and the impact it has on communities. Therefore sharing about the impact of Rwanda's Film Industry and how it can become a model for the East African bloc is necessary. The road network, no visas required at different borders, the free flow of people and goods and all the ideals of having one nation that brings us all together is of paramount importance if the East African people and communities are to become competitive on the world stage. more...

Film in 2010: The sky is the limit for Rwandan Filmmakers

By Pierre Kayitana

For over 10 years, the Rwandan film industry has grown in stature and at a pace that is not only impressive but equally ambitious. Motion pictures—preferably the most captivating medium of visual entertainment have captured the Rwandan and international audiences. Recently, in October 2010, Pierre L. Kayitana, the Director General of the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) and the Rwanda Film Festival, was appointed by the Royal Family of the United Kingdom as World Ambassador of Film Without Borders. In an exclusive interview with The New Times' Gloria A. Iribagiza, Kayitana 24 years, who has also been a filmmaker for six years, highlighted the major 2010 landmarks in Rwanda's Film Industry. more...