Writing for animation One Week Workshop   ­  28th February to 4th March

Writing for Animation One Week Workshop

Registration Deadline
February 25th 8pm
From 9am to 4pm
Ishyo Arts Centre–Studio
The workshop is limited 12 people.

Departing from a specific technique adapted to animated films in a Rwandan context, we will be trained in screenwriting and we will practice by producing a screenplay that will be used for the production of an awareness raising animated film on renewable energies in Rwanda and in other countries of the region.Drawers, cartoonists, writers, musicians, visual art-ists,...Whether you have an idea already fleshed out or are wondering where to get started, our Screenwriting Workshop will help you craft your thoughts into a finished piece and also we want to represent to you service which has many good writers.

Production Workshop for Animation   ­  7th to 25th March 2022

Three weeks production workshop for animation

Registration Deadline
March 4th 8pm
9am to 4pm
Rwanda Cinema Center
The workshop is limited 8 people

Departing from the script produced in the screenwriting workshop, we will realize an awareness raising animated film on renew-able energies in Rwanda and in other countries of the region. Animated film producers, feature or documentary filmmakers , digital post-producers, sound producers...Our Work-shop will craft your ideas into a finished piece! To register, send a one page resume including the name, telephone number, e-mail address and activity as well as work experience. The workshop will be conducted both in English and French